Last Night

The entire drive to campus last night, I was contemplating what to do about dinner. I knew that random little carby things would not be satisfying. And I was sooo tired and dragging @$$.

I decided I needed something salty to get my neurons firing again. Once I got off the freeway, I kept my eyes peeled for some kind of food or store. I found a little strip mall on my way that had Teriyaki and a Sub shop. Either would satisfy my salty needs.

I ended up selecting Teriyaki because it just sounded good.

I made a rather unhealthy decision and got Shrimp Yakisoba.


It was pretty much a huge grease pit.


I piled on some Sriracha before taking my order to-go.


It tasted ok but I wish there had been more veggies and shrimp. I only had four little shrimp in the entire dish! And the shrimp was a couple dollars more than the pork or beef or chicken options. You would think that they would hook a sister up some more!


This did hold me over for the rest of the night though so that was successful. I made it through class and lab with relative ease.


I have been wanting spicy oats all week. Ever since reading Allison’s guest blog from this weekend!

017 018

Oats + Chalula + Salt + 2 fried eggs = YUM.

019 020

My belly is full of goodness, ready to set out on my day.

Good news: It is almost Friday. Almost.

Got any plans for this weekend?

I am getting my hair did and maybe doing some (more) dress shopping.



7 Responses

  1. I’ve still not gotten the nerve to try savory style oats. Looks good though!

    I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend. Other than taking a friend to lunch I have no plans other than chores!

  2. I would highly recommend Spicy Oats to anyone. It’s much different than the breakfasts I had growing up and is a great way to…spice…up the morning routine. Leah is very effecient at making it, but I think even I wouldn’t have much trouble whipping it together.

    FYI, “donnerstag” is German for “Thursday” (thanks Google). Is it Freitag yet?

  3. I LOVE the look of those oats! 🙂

  4. Well, that’s the best looking grease pit I’ve seen all week. I’ll take it! NOM!

  5. Yeah I’m totally into the spicy oats now, thanks to you and Allison! But anyway this weekend I HAVE to get my car washed, I am meeting up with a fellow blogger, then another coffee date, plus getting in a run, a Target trip, visting grandma….so basically a ton of stuff to do, nothing SUPER-exciting but at least our weather is supposed to be decent.

  6. Oh, and i love that H2B reads your blog and even comments. My guy…notsomuch….which is ok because I’d rather talk to “girlfriends” anyway, but still 😀

  7. ow- have fun getting your hair done! Such a great treat. Bummer about the lack of shrimp and veggies- whats up with that????

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