A Sigh

Morning Snack


Another cup of tea, to warm myself up!


The remembrance of youth is a sigh.

I also snacked on a parfait: plain Oikos + raspberries + granola.



While I was out getting my edumacation last night, Jodus cooked up a concoction after his run and thankfully made enough for us for lunch today so I didn’t have to scramble quite as much.

He was a great blogger boy and took some pics last night!

He sauteed venison brats + onion + bell pepper + mushroom.

And served it over brown rice + spinach.

My lunch today was so much better than my salad yesterday!


Thank you, H2B! ❤

For my actual lunch break, I met up with a former coworker for coffee!

Tall Soy Misto + 1 1/2 pumps Pumpkin Spice.

My heart feels like it is going to beat out of my chest right now. I’m not shaky though like I sometimes get with caffeine. I may not be able to handle coffee with the antibiotics I am on right now. Hm. It was good though!


I can not tell you how excited I am to get into the kitchen tonight. It has been a WHOLE WEEK since I have prepped a real dinner! Oh the insanity! I really feel lost! Tonight dinner plan is not a new or original menu but it is a tried and true household favorite.



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  1. Glad you liked your lunch. I need to cook for you more often. I think I’ve cooked maybe 2% of our meals. At least you haven’t had to do many dishes right? Haha.

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