Phoenix: Day 4: PF Chang’s

I do feel like I have been eating (too much) this entire trip without a lot of activity. And while it has been wonderful, warm, and relaxing, I am looking forward to getting back in a routine and detoxing a little bit from the sugar and carb overload.

Breakfast today was waffles with fruit.


And dessert was zucchini cake.


Yes, you hear and see correctly.


We packed up and kissed Pip good bye!


We went out and did a bit of window shopping at the outlet mall and while we are there, I snag a sample of a peanut butter white chocolate cup from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate store.


It was sweet!

The sweetness continued with a Soy Caramel Macchiato.


We headed into Tempe to pick up Jodus’ little brother from school, check out his digs, and do lunch before heading to the airport.

We went to P. F. Changs.

011 012

I’ve been here once before and was not disappointed. Today, I can’t really say the same.

I ordered the Buddha’s Feast Lunch Bowl.


I started with a cup of Hot & Sour Soup as part of the lunch deal.


It was a tad salty and I was surprised by the chunks of chicken in it. I guess I’ve only ever had Hot & Sour with tofu in it.

I was happy to hear that we could substitute brown rice and get the veggies steamed instead of stir-fried which is what I opted for.


There was no flavor to this dish at all. Nothing. Literally steamed veggies and brown rice. I added a healthy amount of hot chili oil + soy sauce to give it something. I hardly touched the rice as well.


Jodus’ dish was much better. He ordered the sesame chicken lunch bowl and I stole a couple bites.


The fortune cookie did not disappoint though!


(Look at all that leftover rice!)

Then we headed off to the airport after saying good-bye to Dylan.

024 025

We dropped Kelly off at her terminal; her flight left 30 minutes before ours. So we, as in Jodus, me, and his mother, went in and sat down at a Chili’s Too for a drink.

I ordered a Top Shelf Margarita and got a little help with it from Trish and Jodus.


Then we hit the security line, incredibly painless, then waited maybe ten minutes before boarding. We scored an Emergency Exit seat which I took full advantage of the extra leg room. 😀

On the plane, I ate some honey roasted peanuts.

And munched on some trail mix.

Then got a huge tummy ache. 😦

Once arriving in Seattle, picking up the car, and driving home, it was well past 7pm. I came home fully prepared to make a Sweet Potato Peanut Bisque and alas, the two sweet potatoes that I was certain we had purchased are no where to be found.

Being the time that it was and that we weren’t starving but felt we should eat, I threw together an odd combo that was quick.


1 cup tri-color couscous, 1 cup water, 1 Tbls butter, salt to taste, 1 can white beans, a handful of dried tomatoes, a handful of halved grape tomatoes, and 1/4 cup of feta.

With some FSTG chips on the side.

028 031

Overall, it was a nice long weekend, full of relaxing and family time.

I am a little disappointed I did not get to meet up at all with the 4 people that I know residing in the area. It was a bit challenging because we were clear out in Anthem, and didn’t have our own means of transportation, and didn’t want to pack too much into a short trip. I promise, next time, I will visit with you all!

I hope that all you readers enjoyed the guest posts in my absence! A huge thanks to Brie at, Susan at, Hallie at, Caitlin at, and Allison at

(Again, hyperlinking not fixed yet! Ugh!)



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