Phoenix: Day 3: Bad Ass BBQ

Breakfast was French Toast with bacon and fruit.

109 110

Lunch was tuna sandwich with chips and fruit.

111 112

After lunch, we hit up the Country Club Pool and splashed around, and lounged.


I mostly just read.

119 121

We also snacked a bit. I had a lemonade and grazed on some cheese + fruit.

117 120

We came home, relaxed a bit, played some backgammon. Then we hit up Bad Ass BBQ!

124 125 126

This is kind of a dive restaurant but it was hilarious.

"Bad Ass Motorcycles Only"


Check out the funnies on the menu!

132 133 134 136

We were there for one reason along: $10 Steak + Bake.


We started with fried zucchini per my request.


I ate probably half that basket. Oh yes.

And the steak and potato.


Ate the whole damn thing. Indeed I did.

For our dessert, which I could barely handle after the mass quantities I have eaten today, Jodus’ mom made his favorite: zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting.


With a little bit of vanilla ice cream. Oh yeah! So good! I got the recipe so I plan to make it at some point and will share with you all when I do!



3 Responses

  1. If I’m ever in Phoenix I’ll be taking my Bad Ass bike there, just my kinda place!

  2. It was soooo nice relaxing at the pool after my 10 mile run. I’m sure going to miss the warm weather and sunshine.

    Hooray for zucchini cake!!

  3. […] Phoenix: Day 3: Bad Ass BBQ […]

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