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Phoenix: Day 1: Oregano’s

When we arrived at SeaTac Airport Friday morning, our first stop was Starbucks.


I was looking forward to trying a pumpkin scone but they didn’t have any. So we just had our Pumpkin Spice Mistos instead.

The flight was painless and event-free.


Leaving Seattle:


In flight snacks, courtesy of Trader Joe’s.

005006007 008010009012

Welcome to Phoenix!


We arrived in Phoenix, got picked up by Jodus’ mom and sister, and went to lunch at Oregano’s.


I loved the atmosphere of this cute pizza joint.

017 018

I started with a house salad.


And we got a half pineapple-jalapeno half Hawaiian pizza to split.

023 024

(2 very spicy pieces for me!)


With garlic bread. (I only had a bite)

021 022

And we had to get dessert. A baked chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream that the four of us split.

027 028

After a very filling and satisfying lunch, we hit up 3 bridal shops and tried on some dresses. I thought I found a perfect dress but the more I think about it, the less I like it for our ceremony and our style. I’m definitely considering having a dress custom made.

Dinner was made by the MIL2B.

While she slaved away, I enjoyed a ginger "beer" and watched the sunset.  033 035 038030

We had beer butt chicken with mashed potatoes and spinach salad.

043 044 045 046 047

I also enjoyed a splash of wine with dinner.


We spent the rest of the evening playing Scrabble, making an impulse drive to Barnes & Noble for another game, and playing with this cute pup:



3 Responses

  1. That is one awesome pic of Pippin

  2. Awwww, Pippin looks so much like Becca–how can you not love a yellow lab?

  3. That pizza we had at lunch was so so good. I have definitely fallen in love with your pineapple-jalapeno combo.

    And, Pippin? Who wouldn’t love a dog that looks like that? I miss her already.

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