A Winner!

Breakfast was a real winner! 😉


I fried one egg, topped it with Adobo Goya and a slice of Muenster. I toasted a whole wheat english muffin, slathered some Olive Oil Mayonnaise on it, threw it all together, and BAM! Deliciousness!

With a sliced kiwi on the side.


Sorry, can’t get into eating the peel like all those crazies out there. 😉


And we have a winner from the fabulous give-away!

So I tallied up all the entries, as they came in, on a spreadsheet.

First, the question you are all dying to know…

How many cuttings boards do I have?


Count them up, ladies!




Why on God’s Earth do I have so many damn cutting boards?! LOL.

Well, I think it started when Jodus and I merged households… I had a lot to begin with and he just added more. We actually got rid of some of his as well. I don’t think I paid for a single one if you can believe that. They were hand-me-downs and gifts when I got my first apartment!

To be totally honest with you, I LOVE having so many to choose from! All the different sizes, shapes, textures. (TWSS? nah…)

Anyway! We had a couple people guess seven so I just gave each of them an additional five entries. And sure enough, one of those lucky ladies won!

Stephanie at The Skinny Plate!!

Congrats, love! Email me your address and I will get that right out to you!

Thank you all for your participation!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am running insanely late because I had to do emergency surgery on my SD card that I dropped this morning.




3 Responses

  1. wow, you DO have a lot of cutting boards!

    that breakfast looks awesome 🙂

  2. Mmmmm, an english muffin sandwich is totally my fav breakfast, especially with super melty muenster. BTW congrats on the car and 12 cutting boards really???? Have you heard of Fung Shei–I think you may need to consider it….

  3. That looks great! wow a lot of cutting boards. I need more that’s for sure!!

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