Jammin’ Lunch

Morning Snack

I know, I’m insanely boring with the morning snack routine. Any ideas to mix it up?


I got a tiny bit more creative with my leftovers today by combining two different nights!

Last night, I added some extra whole wheat pasta noodles to the night before’s stir-fry veggies that literally only had a spoonful of brown rice hiding in there.

It was delicious. I call it “Faux Lo Mein”!

Jam Session at the Hospital

On my lunch break, I went to the hospital real quick to drop off some more lab work.

Tangent: did I tell you guys that I am having another radiology sort of test on Friday? Well, I am. Now you know.


So, when I got out of the elevator, I was pleasantly surprised by music floating into my ears! I swung by the lab and then wandered to scope out what was going on.

Turns out there were 3 guys jammin’ on their guitars (and such) in the cafe!

I made an executive decision to grab a small latte and listen to them for a bit to relax!

This is a “solo” (aka tall) vanilla latte.

And apparently it is “Wired Wednesday” so they throw in an extra shot of espresso for free which was quite the surprise to my little taste buds and now my fingers are typing away at a rate which I am not responsible for. Hello, caffeine!

Anyway, aren’t their cups cute? And eco-friendly!

Here’s the best picture I could sneakily snap of the jam session. It was a nice little break in my day.


Reminder! Don’t forget to enter my fab give-away!

Anyone can enter! Don’t be shy!


Tonight is my first night of class! I am prepared with a pear, a banana, a piece of lasagna and a larabar! I think I’ll survive! 😉



3 Responses

  1. hey! i just came across your blog and i can’t stop reading it! i would love it if you would follow my blog as well!
    i love brown cow yogurt but i have never seen those flavors before!!

  2. How fun! Nothing like a great latte and some live music in the middle of the day! Hope the test goes well

  3. MMM LATTE. Love caffine love. You sound prepared to me!

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