Afternoon Snack

Before leaving work, I munched on a ‘naner.


A very ugly, brown banana that was quite perfect inside.

Let Me Take You For Ride

I thought this looked so cool. Storm clouds were brewing…


And I was headed straight for them!

It started to rain, and got progressively worse.

017 022

It looked like it was going to break, but it didn’t let up.


It is really Fall and this weather is a clear indicator of what is to come for the next 6 months.

After driving in the rain for an hour, I went and paid for our “new” car! Yay!

Here’s some pictures from the original ad, not ours. Though, it is raining in both. We do live in Washington after all. 😉 (Nevermind, I can’t find the ad anymore.)

This is the best picture I could get tonight, after we picked it up:


It’s a 1996 Volkswagon Golf. The price was perfect. It’s in great condition, and it’ll be a good little car for Jodus. We are quite happy with our purchase.

(While on the road, I ate a pear.)


ImprompTuesday Dinner


So here’s what I did.

I decided I wanted to use lots of basil, finish off our mushrooms and tomatoes, and the rest was up in the air. I started by slicing the mushrooms, sautéed them in 3 Tbls butter with 1 heaping Tbls minced garlic.


Then I added 1/4 cup of Black Box Chardonnaynay and let that cook down a bit. Throw in halved grape tomatoes, simmer a bit.


Add 1 huge spoonful of prepared alfredo (I used CiBo Naturals), mix well, and warm through.


Add the juice of half a lemon, mounds of chopped basil, stir, remove from heat.

026 027 029 031

Serve over hot noodles, garnish with more basil + parmesan.

032 034

Jodus mentioned that this is quite similar to other dishes I’ve prepared and I supposed he’s right. I just think it is so light and fresh! I love it!


Don’t forget to enter my very first give-away! I’m super excited about it!




2 Responses

  1. yum yum that looks light and fresh. The flavors must be bangin!

  2. That storm looks beautiful…although I do hate driving in them! 🙂 I def prefer to enjoy them from inside my living room!

    I had a banana that looked exactly like that today- I ate it mashed up in my oatmeal. Amazing!

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